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Tips for After Knee Replacement Surgery

Your knees take a lot of abuse and stress throughout your life. It isn’t surprising that many people have to undergo knee replacement surgery when they get older. Thankfully, because so many individuals require this type of surgery, there are many skilled surgeons and tried and true rehabilitation practices that can get you back on your feet in no time.

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Dealing with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating, and for some, it can lead to an unwanted dependency on pain-relieving medications. If you suffer from frequent, recurring pain episodes, consider a natural pain relief method and visit your local chronic pain centre in Calgary.

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What is a Tommy John Surgery

If you are a baseball fan, you have probably heard of the baseball pitcher Tommy John. His name is now used to describe a surgical procedure that helps treat individuals with severe elbow and shoulder pain in Calgary. Tommy John surgery, also referred to as UCL reconstruction, is commonly used on athletes, but can also be used on individuals suffering from overuse injuries to the UCL..

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Dealing with Ankle Pain

Injury to any part of your body can result in debilitating pain depending on the severity and how frequently you need to use the injured part. Ankle injuries, because they are used so much in daily life, can result in severe pain. Ankle pain can also be an indication of a more serious problem.

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Runner’s Knee

As with all exercises, one should take the proper precautions before engaging in running: stretch beforehand, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear. It’s important to know your body and its natural limits before pushing yourself.

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Contact Sports Injuries

Whether you love delivering the perfect touchdown pass or shooting the perfect slap shot, athletes should always be careful when playing contact sports. Paying attention to the body’s signals is absolutely necessary, and every athlete should be aware of the effects that sports can have on heads, shoulders, hips, knees, and spines.

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Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Odds are you’re one of the many people out there who suffer from chronic back pain and occasionally find it hard to engage in even the most basic of physical activities. When back pain hits, even basic things like sitting, standing, or walking can be excruciating. While lower back pain is more frequent, many people also suffer from chronic upper or mid-back pain

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Managing Chronic Pain

Are you struggling with chronic pain? You’re not alone. According to a 2011 study published in the official journal of the Canadian Pain Society, 18.9% of Canadians aged 18 or over suffer from some form of chronic pain, half of whom have been putting up with the condition for over ten years. But even with such a widespread prevalence, chronic pain is often.

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Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Whether it is an adult or a child participating and competing in a sport it is never without the risk of injury. Not only are you trying to be the best, but you are working hard to maintain a healthy body. Unfortunately, all it takes is one injury to ruin your sports career for good; and possibly affect your quality of life.

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