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into most other treatments for my pain, before finding out about the DRX 9000. Basically, I haven’t had leg or back pain since the second decompression treatment. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
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Before I went to Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, I had low back pain and severe sciatica pain shooting down my leg, all the way to my calf. I went in to see Dr. Oliphant, and signed up for treatment on the DRX program. Within the first two treatments, my pain was immediately reduced to 3/10. By the time I was done the full 20 treatments, my pain was down between 0.5/10 and 0/10, and has remained. Now I do all the athletic activities I did before, but now I don’t take any of them for granted!
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I ended up with 2 herniated discs, L4 & L5, and hadn’t worked for three months. It was very debilitating. Within two weeks of starting DRX treatments, I was doing really well. I am really tickled with the results.
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When you get relief from the back pain, it’s like a new world opens up, and I have to say even after one treatment, I slept that night for the first time, with no pain, in 6-8 months.
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I had two lower discs bulging, hitting nerves in my back which was causing a severe amount of pain. The DRX 9000 works fabulously! It relieves the pain and the pressure in your back. I was able to ride my horses again, which I wasn’t able to do last year at all!

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Lori L.
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The Doctors are professional and personal and takes the time to treat me fully (even when very busy). I never feel rushed and they listen to my concerns and answers my questions fully. Excellent care and treatment
Lyle M.
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I was experiencing pain in my lower back and in my right hip. My hobby is karate, and the pain would not allow me to participate. I had been to my family doctor and to other chiropractors, and it did not help my condition. The doctors [at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic] relieved the pain that I was feeling, so I am able to do my activities with very little problem.
Scott R.
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Where my neck joins my upper back, vertebrae was ‘stuck,’ causing pain which radiated into my neck, both shoulders and upper trunk. My weight training routines were disrupted by having to work around the condition and general discomfort, impairing an active lifestyle. A regimen of successive treatments has me pain-free, mobile, and back at 100%, all more quickly than anticipated.
Lorna M.​
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I was treated for a back ailment, involving a disc herniation. The treatment proved to be a source of great relief and allowed me to sleep at night. I found the doctors to be very thorough, not rushing you, and takes a very in depth history. Their treatments are painless and precise.

Vlatco J.

I injured my back at work, and my whole back was in pain. I had pain from my neck all the way down to my lower back. I was unable to participate in any activity due to the pain. I went to five different doctors and physiotherapist, but nothing worked. My lawyer referred me to this clinic. They got rid of my pain, which was with me for a year. I got most of my range of motion back. I feel much better and am able to play sports again. When I first came in I was a cynic about chiropractors because I thought they weren’t ‘real’ doctors. I now disagree because I went through 18 months of pain and five doctors and a physiotherapist, all of which did absolutely nothing for me. I think everyone would benefit from chiropractic. If you are in pain or not you should get adjusted. It could change your life, it changed mine.

Donna M.

For the past 20 years, I have had chronic tension and pain in my left shoulder. With any kind of repetitive use or exercise I found myself tiring very quickly. My arm felt heavy and bothersome. For the past month and a half, I have been receiving massage therapy treatments. After the first session, I was somewhat relieved, but the pain and tension returned after a few days. I then returned for more treatment on a regular basis and have since felt relief and the pain has subsided.

Austin J.

I experienced debilitating back pain such that I lost the use of my legs, a frightening experience and one that I unfortunately had endured 10 years earlier that was treated with conventional physiotherapy. The pain I endured during the weeks of physiotherapy was almost as debilitating as the condition the medieval-type treatments I received were supposedly addressing, such as being plugged into a suction / electro pulse machines, ultrasound treatments, etc., all of which made little or no difference and eliminated holistic healing human contact that in my opinion are critical to the healing process. After several weeks of treatment and seemingly no relief of my condition, I halted all further visits to the physiotherapy clinic and pressed on regardless. My lower back condition unfortunately returned February 2003 and was both stress and physical exertion related, however, my life partner commented on the seemingly ‘black art’ of chiropractic medicine as a potential means of treatment and relief, a recommendation based on her personal experience. I want to share with all the sufferers who seek relief that the holistic healing, comfort, and speedy recovery that I experienced through Alberta Back and Neck Rehab was incredible, and I would not hesitate in raising the flag to health and pain-free living to any who suffer the myriad of ailments that plague our respective human frames and highly recommend you contact the clinic after which, one can again embrace life.

Tracey C.

Lying on the massage table enjoying a massage is the definition of pure and total relaxation. Nothing compares to how you feel after a massage is completed. Massage is a MUST for all!

Trish C.

Appointment availability is always super easy to fit within a busy work schedule. The girls at the front are very friendly and personable and always greet you with a smile. The doctors at this clinic are awesome! They explain treatment plans in detail and have a great sense of humor when working with patients. They are efficient and their recommendations are effective within given time frames.

Alex L.

I started going for treatments for tennis elbow at the beginning of October. I was having pain every day but since starting treatments with Dr. Oliphant I am finally getting some relief. The office has a nice atmosphere and very clean. I would recommend Alberta Back and Neck to family and friends. Thank you!

Michelle W.

The doctors took the time to fully assess and treat my multiple back and neck issues. The doctors are personable, very professional and knowledgeable in different types of treatments. I have already noticed a decrease in discomfort to live a normal daily life in just 4 treatments. By far the most success I have had in 4 years of back and neck problems. Excellent treatment, thank you!

Karyn C.

After extensive surgery from breast cancer, I developed pain and limited movement of my left arm. I opted to have some massage therapy treatments, hoping for some relief. After a few sessions of ‘connective tissue work’ as my therapist calls it, I have had dramatic improvement in the movement and decrease in pain. I continue massage therapy and always will, as I have seen the benefits first hand.

Kris Swaby

The whole team is amazing. Suffered with back pain for many years and it’s finally getting fixed. So grateful to have been recommended to them and will highly recommend them to anyone with any type of back and neck injury. Amazing amazing thank you thank you thank you