Gone are the days of manual limb manipulation, guesswork, and primitive data-collection. The PrimusRS is the most versatile and functional rehabilitation equipment on the market.

Not Your Dad’s Rehab Treatment Method

Gone are the days of manual limb manipulation, guesswork, and primitive data-collection. The PrimusRS is the most versatile and functional rehabilitation equipment on the market. Specifically designed for evaluating, rehabbing, and tracking progress using Isotonic, Isometric, Isokinetic, and CPM resistance modes, this innovative machine is perfect for multi-joint testing, orthopedic rehab, neuromuscular re-education, and even advanced musculoskeletal athletic training. As a matter of fact, in addition to rehab, the PrimusRS is actually used by many professional trainers and strength coaches for data-driven testing and training of athletes.

Regain Full Range of Motion

By combining the rehabilitation systems of four different machines, the PrimusRS provides comprehensive treatments to suit the unique needs of every patient. From a functional standpoint, its seamless resistance modes, adjustable height, and full set of functional attachments, allows for the replication of virtually any daily task or activity. The aim of rehabilitation is to get you back on your feet, and performing daily or occupational tasks efficiently and painlessly. The only way to accomplish this goal is to replicate these motions in a safe and controlled environment until full range of motion is restored. The PrimusRS provides exactly that – it ensures that the ultimate goal is achieved through personalized, gradual, safe, and monitored repetition.

This physical versatility, combined with its powerful and innovative data-collection software that captures and reports real-time objective data, allows your doctor and chiropractor to:

  • Establish an evidence-supported pre-rehab reference point: Initial evaluation and performance data is automatically recorded and stored within PrimusRS’ internal software.
  • Develop a safe and objective rehabilitation program: Programs are personalized according to each individual’s capabilities, and based on real-time recorded data.
  • Track rehab progress: Progress data is continuously collected and stored, and can be retrieved at any time to gauge improvement.
  • Objectively assess progress and development: By providing you with visual and real-time feedback on-screen, the PrimusRS allows you to see exactly what progress you’ve made since the beginning of treatment, as well as to set attainable goals to ensure knee replacement rehab evolves steadily, and at an optimal intensity.

Improve Your Golf Swing Speed Performance with PrimusRS

Golfers, hit the ball farther! Increase your golf swing speed and power by strengthening the specific muscles used in your golf swing. More strength and speed of your swing equals greater club head speed and greater ball distance. More endurance means greater consistency of your swing mechanics throughout your round.

At Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, we measure the speed of your golf club head, then on our high tech $100,000 Primus sports testing and rehab machine we can measure the strength of your specific golf swing muscles. Over 5 or 10 sessions you will work at increasing the strength of your golf swing muscles and increase your golf swing speed, power, and endurance so that you can hit the ball farther.

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