Adjustments, manual therapy, contemporary medical acupuncture, Graston technique, and much more.

What Type of Pain Are You In?

If you suffer from acute or Chronic Pain in Calgary, chiropractic treatments can offer instant and lasting relief. Pain is caused by a number of factors, but our Calgary chiropractors use a holistic treatment approach to dramatically improve your quality of life.

Some of the most common types of chronic pain are:

Upper extremity problems

Lower back pain


Elbow pain

Lower extremity problems

Jaw problems

Shoulder pain

Shin splints

Upper or mid-back pain

Disc herniation

Heel pain

Our Chiropractors Treat the Following Conditions

Mechanical Problems – As people age, the discs that provide cushioning in between the spine’s vertebrae naturally deteriorate. The body also produces less joint (synovial) fluid that lubricates between bones. With less cushioning, the bones are free to move out of place, resulting in muscle pain.

Medical Conditions & Diseases – Conditions like scoliosis, Arthritis Clinic Calgary, and fibromyalgia are common causes of joint, muscle, and back pain. With proper Chiropractic Treatment Center Calgary, Headache Relief Clinic Calgary, pain is considerably reduced without the risk of side effects from medication or surgery.

Injury – Sprains, fractures, ruptured Discs Protrusion Treatment Calgary, torn ligaments, and pulled muscles can all cause considerable pain, compounded by misuse. Chiropractic therapy combines proper alignment with muscle strength training to eliminate pain.

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called relaxin, which loosens the joints and makes childbirth possible. However, this hormone may cause bones, especially the pelvis, to become misaligned. Regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can greatly reduce pain and discomfort during the gestational period.

Experience the Benefits of Chiropractic from Caring Practitioners

By receiving treatment from a certified Calgary chiropractor, you can experience significant benefits beyond pain relief alone. Medical research shows patients who get chiropractic adjustments experience increased range of motion and muscle strength, reduced muscle spasms, and decreased nerve irritation. At Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, we use comprehensive treatment to help you recover in the shortest possible time. We teach you proper nutrition, exercise techniques, and how to use ergonomics to improve your overall health. Remember, a licensed chiropractor is qualified to prescribe chiropractic treatment for your condition. This information is not intended to replace your primary health care provider’s diagnosis or treatment.

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