3 ultimate ways Chiropractic Treats Disc Degeneration 

Disc degeneration is also known by its other name as ‘osteoarthritis of the spine.’ The neck and lower back parts are the most prone regions for disc degeneration. The main symptoms of the disease include pain and discomfort during the movement of the backbone. The backbone constitutes bony boxes and cushioning discs. With age or due to other causes, if the cushioning discs are getting degraded, then it can cause pain and ache. Such a condition is known as disc degeneration. There are very few ways of combating this disc degeneration. 

Mainly people opt for surgical methods. However, chiropractic therapy is a more efficient and non-invasive solution. The chiropractor can help you in restoring the right alignment of the backbone along with providing relief to your muscles. In this blog, we will discuss three ways a chiropractor can help in healing your disc degeneration. But before that, let’s understand the disc degeneration in more depth. 

Understanding disc degeneration and its causes

The human backbone is configured of bony vertebrae and soft tissue discs. Every two vertebrae have a soft disc between them. The soft discs act as the shock absorber. They facilitate the movement of the backbone by providing flexibility to it. If these discs get hurt by any cause, then the movement becomes painful. Because the bony vertebrae might start rubbing with each other or surrounding nerves, the worn-out soft discs or spinal discs can also cause disc degeneration.

Causes of disc degeneration

The causes of disc degeneration can vary depending upon the age and the lifestyle of the person. Let’s see a few of them;

  • The discs are composed of water and tissue when we are born. As we age, the disc starts losing water, and the structure gets thinner. The flattened discs can’t absorb the shock properly, and this can result in painful movements of the backbone. 
  • The wear and tear of the spinal discs can also cause this issue.

How can a chiropractor help?

The chiropractor can help you in curing and diagnosing your disc degeneration. The chiropractor can help you in the early detection of the disease along with providing efficient treatment. The chiropractor mainly can opt for three therapy ways which are;

  • Trigger point therapy

The therapy involves the detection of tensed muscles and joints. The chiropractor uses manual pressure to remove the tension and relieve the contraction. This helps in removing pain. 

  • Manual stretching and resistance therapy

The chiropractor manually stretches the joints to remove the contraction. This also helps in enhancing the blood flow. Resistance therapy or normal massage can also help in removing the in-built pressure.

  •  Soft-tissue therapy through instruments

Normally under this technique, the Graston technique is used. This involves manual therapy along with the help of instruments like roller, pincher, etc. This helps in curing symptoms as well as relieving pain.


Disc degeneration is a painful situation. Chiropractic therapy can help in resolving the issue of disc degeneration through its diverse technical approaches. The crux of all these techniques involves the removal of stress in the muscles along with curing the painful symptoms. The chiropractor works through his or her knowledge of body pressures and points to combat disc degeneration. The unconventional but highly efficient ways of chiropractic therapy make the non-invasive solution of disc degeneration actually possible. 

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