Get enhanced spinal therapy with a blend of shockwave and chiropractic therapy.

The spinal cord is the main working element of our body. All the nerves pass through the spinal cord. The impulses and messages undergo the spinal cord before reaching the brain or the motor nerves. If any issue arises in a particular body region, then the whole-body functioning can be affected. Due to various reasons, people experience back pain or muscle spasms. 

Conventionally, doctors and therapists used to treat spinal cord issues through shockwave or chiropractic therapy separately. However, recently the concept of integrating both concepts together has gained the attention of a lot of health experts. According to various studies, it has become clear that combining shockwave and chiropractic therapy can provide better results. Here, we are going to discuss how spinal therapy provides enhanced results with the integration of both treatments together.

What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy [ESWT]. It is a non-invasive method of curing muscle tensions. The process involves the use of mild or strong shockwaves to target the muscles. It helps in curing pain and tension of the soft tissues. The shockwaves are processed on various frequency levels from 0-20 MHz for a single pulse. The duration and pressure of the waves are determined by the level of pain and the location of the targeted tissue.

Shockwave therapy in spinal treatment 

According to a report, 91% of the patients found the shockwave treatment very helpful in curing their pain. Shockwave therapy works on the soft tissues of the backbone and helps in treating the contraction.

What is chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic therapy is the process of incorporating pressure and massage techniques to relieve the issues related to muscles and joints. The process involves manual as well as instrument-assisted pressure application. It helps cure spinal issues, stress, sleep cycle, etc. Mainly the therapy works around the spinal joints and the nervous system of the body. It is also a non-invasive and non-surgical method of treating issues related to spinal muscles.

Chiropractic therapy in spinal treatment

Chiropractic therapy involves pressure application for relieving pain in joints and muscles. It works on the contracted and tensed muscles. For spinal treatment, chiropractic therapy has been proven as a very efficient method. It helps in restoring the right alignment of the backbone, disc generation, etc.

Integration of chiropractic therapy and shockwave therapy

Both these practices have been used in curing spinal issues separately for a long time. However, now the health practitioners have started incorporating both for spinal therapy. Various patients have agreed that the combination of spinal therapy helps them in providing better results. It also provides faster and more efficient treatment. 

Shockwave therapy helps in transmitting the pressure more accurately and deeply. The targeted soft tissues get better to pull up to release the contraction. While chiropractic therapy helps in manual assisting of the pressure transmission. This way, the patient gets more efficient and accurate spinal therapy. The shockwaves are incorporated with manual implementation, which makes the pressure application more efficient in execution.


The spinal therapy gets a more enhanced outlook with the integration of shockwave and chiropractic therapy. One helps in better transmission of the pressure within the muscles, while the other helps in improving the accuracy of transmission. The final result helps the patient in getting faster and better results. It is a new concept, but studies show that it’s more reliable and efficient than separate therapies.

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