Tips for Avoiding Injury While Lifting Weights

Hitting the gym is great for your physical health, appearance and mental well-being. Exercising provides endorphins and can become a very rewarding part of your day-to-day life. Sometimes your workout can cause more pain than pleasure though, as new techniques are used, errors are made and accidents happen. Even the most physically fit people can experience injury during sports or weight lifting. Seeking treatment and using preventative measures can reduce your risk of injury.


How to Avoid Injury at the Gym

Don’t let a careless injury keep you from taking part in your favourite physical activities. Keep in mind these simple ways to avoid becoming injured at the gym or while playing sports:

  • Focus on Technique – It can be easy to focus on a certain number of reps or increasing your weight goals. Unfortunately, if these numbers and goals are not accompanied by a focus on proper form and technique, your attempt at gains could turn into a loss. Avoid twisting, turning and contorting while pushing weight. Skip a rep if you can’t complete it with perfect form.
  • Warm Up – Jumping right into a strenuous workout can place a lot of unnecessary stress on your muscles. If you are not properly warmed up, you increase your risk of pulling a muscle or causing other damage. Do a high-rep, low-intensity exercise and focus on the muscle groups you will be working. Elevate your heartrate and increase blood flow, flexibility and mobility before diving into your exercise routine.
  • Take it Slow – Once you start to see results and feel more comfortable in the gym, it can be tempting to push your body to its limit and load up on weight. Avoid setting the bar too high. While progress is great, injuries are not, and loading on too much weight can cause a lot of damage. Stay in control and be realistic about your strength level as you work out.
  • Stretch It Out – After your workout, avoid becoming stiff or sore by relaxing and elongating your muscles with stretches. It will actually help you build muscle and increase the elasticity of the fascia surrounding your muscles.
  • Use a Spotter – As you increase your weight, using a spotter becomes important. Just make sure they are really spotting your work out. This is not a chance to tell jokes and catch up. Your spotter needs to be alert and protect you from the risk of missing a rep.

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