How to Manage and Treat Your Hip Pain

Hip pain affects many people living in Calgary, Alberta. Our volatile weather is especially problematic for those living with certain conditions, as changes in barometric pressure can cause hip pain to flare up. Thankfully, hip pain can be managed with some simple lifestyle changes, and seeking the proper treatment can also provide lasting relief.

Hip Main Management

There are a variety of immediate and long-term ways to manage hip pain, including:

  • Hot and Cold Therapy – Soothing hip pain caused by arthritis or an injury with a hot bath or a hot compress can be a great method to lessen the pain. Alternatively, inflammation in the joint area can also respond well to the application of ice a few times a day for 15-minute intervals, especially in the case of bursitis. It is important to note that heat therapy should not be used for hip pain caused by bursitis.
  • Exercises – Joint inflammation often becomes worse with prolonged periods of inactivity. With hip pain, however, you should stay away from high-impact exercises such as running and focus more on low-impact activities such as light walking and water aerobics. Doing some light stretches when your hip feels stiff is also a good idea.
  • Weight Management – If you are overweight, then getting down to a healthier weight can relieve some of the pressure on your hip joint and help ease some of the pain. Focus on eating well and stick to a low-impact but regular exercise regime and you’ll quickly start to feel the difference. Even losing just a few pounds can have a significant positive impact on hip pain management.

Hip Pain Treatment in Calgary

You shouldn’t have to deal with hip pain on your own. Seeking help from a professional chiropractor is an important complement to the pain management strategies described above. Professional chiropractic adjustment is a non-invasive treatment that can decrease the pain and increase the strength and motion of an aching hip. Continuous passive motion has been shown to help injured cartilage to heal, thus reducing pain of arthritis. We perform continuous passive motion with the use of our state of the art Primus machineLaser therapy can help reduce hip pain caused by arthritis, sacroiliac inflammation, muscle strains and other hip issues. Shockwave therapy can relieve the pain of bursitis by helping the bursa to heal and reduce the inflammation. Active Release Therapy can relive hip pain caused by tight muscles and scar tissue from old injuries.

Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic is a pain management center located in Calgary. Whether your pain is caused by a mechanical problem, a medical condition, or an injury, our holistic approach to treating joint dysfunction will help ensure that we find the right hip pain treatment for you.

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