Dealing with Ankle Pain

If you’re anything like the millions of other men and women suffering from back pain, you may have tried exercises given to you by your doctor or therapist, and probably didn’t get any relief. Why is that? When multiple medical studies conclude exercise should help relieve your pain – why are you left still suffering?

Isolating Specific Muscles Is the Key!
Medical studies show, when you try to strengthen your weak back muscles, your body protects your back by moving more at your hips. The big gluteus muscles (‘glutes’) and hamstrings take over and do the work for the small, weaker spinal muscles. This is especially true when you have back pain! So, your hip muscles get stronger and the spinal muscles stay weak – and you don’t feel any better! You don’t get relief of your back pain because the injured or degenerated tissues in your spine are not being adequately supported by your muscles – this increases the stress on these tissues – and the pain continues.

So, How Do You Make Your Weak Back Strong?
First, you have to determine if your back muscles are weak. The MedX Medical Lumbar machine is a $70,000 piece of technology specifically designed to test your back strength at a number of positions throughout its range of motion. It can determine where your spinal muscles are weak. It can do this because the MedX prevents you from compensating for weak back muscles by stopping your glutes and hamstrings from helping, so we can truly see what your spinal muscles can do.

Once we know where you are weak, we can strengthen your back with the MedX, specifically targeting the weak muscles. This increases blood flow to the spine and pumps nutrients into your discs, helping to heal injuries in all spinal tissues.

Studies show that up to 70% of people who regain lost strength are relieved of their back pain! Even more amazingly, because the MedX is so effective, most people who are weak can rebuild their strength in only 5 minutes a week over 5 to 10 weeks!

What About My Abs?
Many people are under the impression that in order to make your back stop hurting, you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles; however, research now shows that only 20% of people with back pain have weak abs! Yet, other studies show 80% of back pain patients have weak back muscles and this contributes to their low back pain. Medical research also shows people with decreased circulation to their back muscle strength will not get relief of their back pain.

The key to rehab of chronic back pain is to exercise your spinal muscles to increase blood flow which increases healing, strengthens the muscles so that your spine is adequately supported, and increases spinal motion, to relieve stress on the injured tissues!

A study of 895 patients with chronic low back pain showed 76% had good or excellent results, and patients with radicular or referred leg pain (sciatica) responded just as well as those with isolated low back pain. These patients had seen an average of 3 MDs and had failed 6 different types of treatment, including epidural steroid injections, facet injections, traction, chiropractic, medications, ultrasounds, and electrical stimulation, prior to responding to MedX Medical Lumbar Rehab.

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