Treating and Preventing Soccer Injuries

They call it the beautiful game for a reason, but this universal sport can also cause a lot of damage to your body! Soccer, or football as much of the world calls it, is a fantastic workout. The strenuous running, quick movements and love of the game can lead to injury however. Taking steps to properly prepare to play and avoid hurting yourself are important. If you do encounter an injury from soccer, visit a chronic pain centre in Calgary for expert care that will get you back on the field quickly.

Tips for Preventing Soccer Injuries
A few simple tips can save you from a lot of pain:

  • Warm Up – Don’t go into the game cold. Take time to warm up and stretch your muscles so that they are more flexible and mobile. When your joints and muscles are stiff, you are more at risk for injury.
  • Stay Fit – Soccer is a competitive game that will stay with you long after you have played. If you haven’t been on the field for some years, take time to improve your fitness level before getting back out there. Just like you don’t want to go into a game without warming up, entering the field with a low fitness level will make playing more challenging and make you more vulnerable to injury.
  • Cool Down – Muscles and joints can stiffen if they aren’t properly cooled down after a game. Take the time to stretch your muscles, eat well and allow your body to relax after a long period of exertion.
  • Hydrate – Keeping your body hydrated will encourage your muscles, lungs, and heart to function properly. Bring plenty of water with you for during and after play. Give your body the water it needs to play the entire game.

Common Soccer Injuries
Some injuries are more common than others, especially when talking about particular sports. The following injuries are very common and serious for soccer players of all ages:

In Calgary, soccer is played indoors most of the year. Running many days a week on the hard surfaces often leads to plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, common causes of pain in the heel and bottom of the foot. The team at Alberta Back & Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic has experience dealing with these and other sports injuries. Whether you need help conquering ankle pain from uneven turf or need treatment for Achilles’ pain in Calgary, our team has the proper knowledge and tools to give you relief. If you have experienced any of the above or a different type of injury while on the field, we can provide a customized treatment plan and expert advice.

Treat Your Soccer Injury at a Calgary Pain Clinic
Alberta Back & Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic can get you healing your soccer or other sports injury quickly and properly. Don’t risk abnormal healing or permanent pain. Come to our experts with your injury or chronic pain to find relief and get better, faster. Our team offers personalized treatment and follow-up care. We will help you get back to your active lifestyle fast, so you don’t have to miss too many games.

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