Tips for After Knee Replacement Surgery

Your knees take a lot of abuse and stress throughout your life. It isn’t surprising that many people have to undergo knee replacement surgery when they get older. Thankfully, because so many individuals require this type of surgery, there are many skilled surgeons and tried and true rehabilitation practices that can get you back on your feet in no time.

Tips for Knee Replacement Rehabilitation
Being kind to your knee after having an operation is essential. Follow these tips for a speedy recovery from your knee replacement surgery:

  • Use an Assistive Device – You will be provided with or recommended a device to help you walk more easily and remove pressure from the knee that has been operated on. Use these devices! Crutches, a walker or a cane may be deemed appropriate for your level of fitness and type of surgery. Use whichever assistive device is recommended to relieve pressure and protect your knee when you have to walk around.
  • Ice and Elevate – Anyone who has had knee surgery will tell you that icing the knee is crucial for recovery! Icing the area will help reduce inflammation. Elevation will also minimize the swelling you experience. Heat can also can also be used to increase circulation and speed healing, but should not be used in the first few days as it can increase swelling.
  • Move – It can be tempting to sit back, elevate your knee and rest. Surely after a painful surgery you should relax, but leaving your knee stiff and static for extended periods after surgery could actually inhibit your recovery. Use the continuous passive motion (CPM) machine and perform the exercises your doctor in Calgary has provided. They are not simply suggestions, but an essential part of your knee rehabilitation.

Visit a Pain Clinic in Calgary after Knee Surgery

The experts in pain relief and rehabilitation at Alberta Back & Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic can help you get back on your feet after knee replacement surgery. The professionals at our pain clinic can create a knee replacement rehab program that keeps you moving and gets your knee back to normal sooner rather than later. With specialized equipment for continuous passive motion and customized exercises for your knee pain, our pain centre in Calgary is the perfect place to get treatment.

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