Shockwave & Cold Laser Therapy

When medication and physical therapy fail to fully relieve your pain, you need a treatment that is holistic in approach, yet medically proven to work.

Both shockwave therapy and cold laser therapy are ways to relieve pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and back and neck pain. Many patients experience immediate pain relief, although typically several treatment sessions are required for full results.

Both shockwave therapy and cold laser therapy are safe and painless. They are therapeutic practices designed to target the specific area of your pain and boost your body’s natural healing processes. Let’s take a look at the specifics of each kind of therapy.


All About Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy utilizes shockwaves to increase blood circulation and tissue repair in the injured area.

What it treats:

Benefits: Boosts blood flow to injured area and promotes tissue repair

What to expect:

1.  A gel-like substance such as ultrasound gel is placed on the affected area.

2.  A probe is pressed on the area.

3.  The probe delivers shockwaves through the skin to reach the tissue (felt as pulses which may be uncomfortable but are not painful).

4.  This process creates an inflammatory condition in the tissue.

5.  The body responds by increasing blood circulation to the area, accelerating healing.

6.  Between three and five treatment sessions may be recommended.

Possible side effects: reddening or swelling of the area; “pins and needles” effect

All About Cold Laser Therapy

In cold laser therapy, a laser light is delivered in the right wavelength, pulse, and duration to encourage healing processes.

What it treats:

Benefits: Reduces inflammation; accelerates tissue repair; enhances nerve function

What to expect:

1. Your chiropractor uses a cold (not heated) laser to send pulsations to the injured area.

2. The laser increases cell metabolism and communication

3. You may need up to 8 treatments for full results.

Possible side effects: slight tingling or warm sensation

Shockwave Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy: Your Pain Solution

Shockwave therapy and laser therapy may be used together in some cases. Your chiropractor in Calgary will advise you on the best treatment route for your specific injury.

These practices have been used clinically for at least 20 years and have promoted pain relief and healing in patients. Patients appreciate them because they do not require surgery or drugs.

Be aware that these procedures are typically not covered by insurance. However, call (403) 234-0040 for an appointment and we can explain your payment options. You’ll be glad you did.

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