Reduce Chronic Back Pain with Rehabilitation

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance:
The dorsal approach for surgeries to repair vertebral fractures causes damage patterns in the muscles that are caused by the surgery. This approach may disrupt normal function of the multifidi which can contribute to chronic pain and dysfunction. This supports the rationale for concerted spinal strengthening in such post-operative patients.

The Effect of Trunk Muscle Exercises in Patients Over 40 Years Old with Chronic Low Back Pain

      Journal of Orthopedic Science

      2000 Volume 5 Number 3

      Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Kochi Medical School

      Kohasu Oko cho Nankoku Kochi 785 Japan

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance:
Like many other recent studies, this study confirms the importance of strengthening the lumbar extensors to improve symptoms in patients with chronic low back pain. Rectus abdominis strength is not compromised to the same degree in such patients and thus should be prioritized accordingly. Other contemporary studies felt to support the outdated notion that weak abdominals are of primary concern in the cause or treatment of low back pain.

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