Psychology in Calgary – Psychotherapy Can Treat Chronic Pain!

The mind plays a vital role in our body’s ability to heal and regulate pain. But unfortunately, psychology is often overlooked when it comes to chronic pain rehabilitation. Recognizing this gap, Alberta Back and Neck Rehab clinic also offers psychology services to Calgary residents suffering from chronic pain. Our psychology services can help you to understand and reduce pain and emotional and behavioural management. Assisting patients to better understand their emotions and behaviours and providing practical advice on improving their circumstances and quality of life is the core of our psychology services.

Psychotherapy services in SW Calgary

Psychotherapy services in SW Calgary

Our southwest Calgary clinic offers psychology services to complement our physical rehab services. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you know how difficult it can be to manage. You might find yourself relying on painkillers, which only mask your pain symptoms in the short term and don’t help you feel better in the long term. You may also spend much time resting, which can negatively affect your physical and mental health. What if there was a way to better understand your emotions and behaviours which would help you reduce your pain and improve your quality of life? Psychotherapy has shown to be effective in helping people manage chronic pain and other common concerns. Our clinic is proud to offer a range of psychotherapy services to Calgary residents.

Mind and body connection – Psychotherapy Can Treat Physical and Mental Health Conditions

Psychotherapy in Calgary

Psychology can help to provide treatment for more than just mental health. Studies have shown that mental health plays a significant role in our body’s natural healing process. At Alberta Back and Neck Rehab, we recognize that the mind and body are not separate entities and that mental health issues can contribute to physical health. Therefore, as a full-service rehabilitation clinic, we offer a range of psychotherapy services to complement our physical rehabilitation services to maximize the success of your recovery.

Therapy Can be Used to Treat Chronic Pain

Psychotherapy for Chronic Pain

Psychotherapy can be used to treat chronic pain because it helps to improve the connection between your mind and body. Through therapy, you can learn to better understand your emotions and behaviours, which can help reduce chronic pain symptoms’ impact on your quality of life. You can also learn how to better manage your pain through effective coping strategies and relaxation techniques. As a result, it vastly improves your quality of life and reduces your reliance on painkillers.

Chronic Pain and Insomnia

Chronic Pain and Insomnia

If you have chronic pain, you may struggle with insomnia. Sleep plays a vital role in your body’s ability to heal. Our bodies produce hormones to help prevent and reduce pain while we sleep. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves in a chronic pain cycle when we don’t get enough sleep. This is because our bodies can’t produce the hormones required to heal, reducing our body’s natural recovery process. 

Can Psychology Treat Insomnia?

Can Psychology Treat Insomnia

You may have heard that sleep is essential for your body to heal, but did you know that your sleep quality is just as important as the quantity of sleep you get? Sleep is when your body does most of its healing and repairs, so if you’re getting enough sleep but still not seeing the results you want, it’s possible that your sleep quality could be the issue. Through psychotherapy, you can learn how to improve your sleep quality, which can help you reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. You’ll also be able to better understand how your emotions and behaviours affect your sleep quality and learn how to better manage them.

Our team

Talented assessment team

Our team of experienced psychologists at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab provides a variety of psychotherapy services to help Calgary residents better manage their chronic pain. Our psychologists are committed to providing quality service. Additionally,  our team is equipped to provide treatment for various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Through therapy, our psychologists can connect with you on an individual level, helping to create a therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and experiences. This helps to build a foundation where you can open up and be vulnerable, which leads to a deeper level of understanding and better quality of life.

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Counseling in SW Calgary

If you are still struggling with chronic pain and/or mental health concerns, you may consider booking an appointment with one of our psychotherapists. They can help you understand how your pain affects your life and provide strategies to help better manage your chronic pain symptoms. They can also help you better understand your emotions and behaviours contributing to your symptoms. 

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