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Get Orthotics: Protect Your Feet from the Pain

Orthotics in Calgary, Orthotics

Why Do People Have Problems with Their Feet?
With the foot always in motion and under enormous pressure from the body’s weight, it is only natural injuries, strains, and other problems develop in the feet. As you walk or run, your entire weight lands on your feet, up to 15,000 times a day. The symptoms of faulty foot mechanics can include any one of the following:

  • Localized foot pain

  • Bunions & hammer toes

  • Arch/heel pain

  • Leg/knee pain

  • Hip or back pain

  • Neck pain

With the proper orthotics, many problems with the feet, legs, and lower back can be remedied.

What Are Prescription Orthotics?

Prescription orthotics look like insoles, but are biomechanical medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. Orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes, reducing stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment. Orthotics fit into your shoes as comfortably as an insole, and they have the advantage of having been made from precise measurements and imprints of your feet.

Orthotics in Calgary, Orthotics

How Do Orthotics Help?

Orthotics in Calgary, Orthotics

Properly made orthotics are custom moulded to the support requirements of your feet. They help restore the normal balance and alignment of your body by gently correcting foot abnormalities.

Footmaxx™ designs innovative, comfortable orthotics that are a pleasure to wear as they gently reduce problems associated with pressure points, muscle strains and abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Over time, custom orthotics support that is prescribed by your health care practitioner will bring you relief from fatigue and pain, allowing you to enjoy daily activities comfortably.

Footmaxx™ Orthotics

Orthotics in Calgary, Orthotics

Foot orthotics are custom made foot supports that fit inside your shoes to correct abnormal foot function, which can cause pain not only in your feet, but in your legs, knees, hips, and back as well. The Footmaxx™ System revolutionized the diagnostic accuracy of foot problems and proper creation of custom orthotics by pioneering the use of computer technology in the analysis of foot biomechanics.

With the Footmaxx™ computerized foot function analysis system, you walk across a force platform, and the thousands of sensors measure the pressure and timing of each of the 8 key contact points of the foot, the lateral and medial heel, the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st metatarsal heads, and the big toe. The computer then compares the timing and pressure to that of a normal foot. With this information, an orthotic is created that makes your feet function within normal parameters.

The Footmaxx™ technology has taken the art (guesswork and error) out of making orthotics and has replaced it with science, by creating measurable details of the biomechanical function of the feet during normal walking. All Footmaxx™ scans are sent by modem to the lab in Toronto where a podiatrist reviews the scanned information and writes a detailed report stating the problems with the function of the feet and whether or not orthotics will correct this problem. If so, the podiatrist prescribes the orthotics and oversees their creation.

Why Choose Footmaxx™ Orthotics?

Orthotics in Calgary, Orthotics

Footmaxx™ orthotics are used by the NHL, NBA, 29/30 Major League Baseball teams, the pro-tennis circuit, national ski teams, and many other top level athletes. Footmaxx™ has a six week money back guarantee; you get to wear them for this time and if you are not happy with them, they can be returned for a full refund! Additionally, you are also guaranteed for two years against the orthotics’ breakdown.

Call Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic in Calgary to arrange a foot scan to see whether or not orthotics would relieve your foot or leg pain.