HydroMassage® for Stress Management and Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

As a multidisciplinary clinic, Alberta Back and Neck Rehab and Sports Injuries Clinic provide a comprehensive variety of pain rehabilitation options. In addition, we are proud to offer hydromassage therapy as an additional treatment to support your chronic pain treatment. Hydromassage provides patients with relief from stress and pain in a cost-effective, comfortable and convenient way.

What is Hydromassage?

About hydromassage

Hydromassage therapy comes in many forms. For example, our Calgary clinic uses a Hydromassage bed to provide a gentle massage using warm water jets. HydroMa sage beds can provide relief from pain and substantially impact patients struggling with stress management.

Is Hydromassage Worth It? The benefits of Hydromassage

Hydromassage has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to regular massage therapy. The benefits of hydromassage include:

  • It is inexpensive and convenient for those with a busy schedule or limited resources.
  • It can provide similar benefits as other forms of massage.
  • Works for patients of all ages suffering from acute pain conditions.
  • Hydromassage is also known to reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Promotes relaxation, leading to better sleep and improved mood.

Why Hydro Massage? Alternative Treatments Can be Expensive or Not Conveniently Located

Hydromassage is less expensive than massage

AAlternative treatments have been proven invaluable when combined with traditional physical rehabilitation treatments. Especially in the realm of pain management and stress relief. However, alternative forms of treatment can be expensive, and not all of them are available at every pain rehab facility. To help make alternative treatments more accessible, our clinic offers a variety of alternative treatments at affordable prices, all at the same location.

Making Alternative Treatments More Affordable With Hydromassage Therapy

Making Alternative Treatments More Affordable

Hydromassage therapy is a cost-effective alternative available at our clinic as an additional treatment to support your pain and injury rehabilitation. Because Alberta Back and Neck Rehab is an interdisciplinary clinic, we know what it takes to provide our patients with the best possible care. In our 40 years of experience serving the Calgary community, we have found that giving patients supportive treatments that complement their primary care has a significant, positive impact on the healing process. As a result, we now offer hydromassage therapy at a very affordable price at 5 sessions for only $45.

Positive Effects of Hydrotherapy For Stress and Pain Management

Stress can cause a variety of aches and pains in your life. While there are techniques to lower your stress levels daily, one method for instant stress reduction is a massage. Along with decreasing your stress, a massage can help your body feel better physically and mentally.

Effects of Cortisol

Cortisol is the stress hormone. When you are in a stressful situation, it is released to give you the adrenaline you need to either fight the problem or flee from it.

People who are chronically stressed have high levels of cortisol. This can lead to adverse side effects such as anxiety, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and headaches.

Effects of Endorphins

Increasing endorphin levels can help combat high levels of cortisol in your body. For example, when you receive a massage, your body releases endorphins to calm the nervous system and lower your cortisol levels.

Releasing endorphins not only relaxes your body but also relaxes your mind. After a massage patient, you should experience calmer moods, less anxiety, and decreased irritability. The body’s improved moods will allow you to focus more and enjoy better job performance.

Massages on specific areas of your body can also relax specific muscles. You’ll find these useful for anyone from the athlete with a strained hamstring to the everyday office worker with a sore neck.

Benefits of Better Blood Flow

Getting a massage relaxes your muscles and improves your circulation and blood flow. When you have better blood flow, you improve your digestion, sleep habits, and posture.

Improved circulation (through a massage) can also help built-up release toxins in your body. These toxins include lactic acid, which causes aches and discomfort. Better circulation pushes this lactic acid away from your muscles and organs, allowing them to work with less pressure and stress.

A massage’s positive effects can be yours after only a 15-minute HydroMassage® from Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic. you’reHydroMassage® is short, affordable, and does not require you to get undressed. This convenient massage will relax you with its heated bliss just as well as any professional masseuse could. You’ll feel refreshed and settled in no time.

Whatever the cause of your stress in life, you must recognize it and treat it. Receiving a HydroMassage® will put your mind and body in an imp state. As a result, you’ll enjoy physical, mental, and psychological rejuvenation. Call Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic today to set up an appointment.

Massage Therapy Services Our Calgary Clinic Offers

In addition to Hydro massage therapy, our Calgary-based pain rehabilitation clinic provides Calgary residents with a variety of other massage and physical therapy services, such as:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Hot stone massage
  • Swedish Massage

The Benefits of Massage Therapy at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic

Massage Therapy at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab

As part of your pain rehabilitation treatment, your physical therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. The first step in this process is to identify the cause of your pain and determine what type of treatment will be most appropriate for you. To help support your treatment seeing a massage therapist is often recommended to help relieve your symptoms. However, hydromassage therapy can be an effective alternative if your time is limited.

Hydromassage in South West Calgary

Hydromassage in South West Calgary

Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injury Clinic provides Hydromassage therapy at our location in South West Calgary. Our clinic is highly experienced in treating all forms of chronic pain, from soft tissue injuries to pain associated with arthritis and degenerative disc disease (DDD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does hydro massage therapy cost?

A: Our clinic charges $45 for 5 hydro massage therapy treatments. We offer this price to help make massage therapy more affordable for you and your family to receive the treatment you need.

Q: Is hydromassage therapy covered by health insurance?

A: Please call our office for the most up-to-date information regarding your health insurance coverage.

Q: Is hydromassage therapy safe?

A: Yes, hydromassage is very safe. However, it is always best to consult your medical doctor regarding any medical condition that may be exacerbated by a new treatment.

Q: Who should avoid hydromassage?

A: Hydromassage is typically not recommended for those who have bleeding disorders, high blood pressure (hypertension), taking blood-thinning medications, or if you are pregnant. It is essential to consult your medical doctor before you begin any new treatment and to let your therapist know if you have any medical conditions.

Q: How long are hydromassage therapy sessions?

A: Hydromassage therapy sessions are 30 minutes in length. Sessions can also be extended to 60 minutes or shortened to 15 minutes, depending on your needs.

Why Choose Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injury Rehab?

Our clinic is a multidisciplinary, full service rehabilitation centre. Therefore, we are proud to provide our Calgary patients a wide variety of options when it comes to pain rehabilitation. We are proud to offer hydromassage in our clinic as an auxiliary treatment to support your chronic pain treatment. Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injury Rehab is fully equipped to serve the needs of Calgary residents. We treat all types of pain conditions, with a team of experienced doctors and therapists that are dedicated to our patients recovery.

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