High Heels & Your Health

The benefits are obvious: confidence, longer looking legs, and a great looking ensemble. While you may notice sore toes at the end of the night, the negative side effects of wearing high heels extend far beyond your feet.

The Risk of Heels: Effects of Wearing High Heeled Shoes

Before buying your next pair of high heel shoes, consider the following ailments they can cause you down the road:

  • Shortened Muscles in Legs and Back – As you wear heels, your body compensates by making adjustments to keep you balanced. While your body may adapt at first, strengthening muscles around your ankles, the shape of heels also weakens the muscles at the front and back of your legs. What begins as a strengthening effect ultimately can lead to ankle instability, balance issues, and weakened muscles over time.
  • Low Back Pain – Your hips and spine need to compensate for your new foot structure, putting stress on your lower back that can cause soreness and long term damage.
  • Knee Pain – Wearing high heels often can lead to osteoarthritis as knees absorb increased shock in your body. Heels add stress to the inner sides of the knees which can speed up damage.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – Putting strain on your arch can cause this common ailment, leading to heel pain, inflammation, and aching feet as you walk.

Tips to Limit the Damage of High Heels

If you can’t imagine leaving your heels behind, at least try to take a few simple steps to limit the damage they do to your body by:

  • Removing heels when you are sitting at your desk
  • Never run in high heels
  • Doing ankle strengthening exercises, such as simple heel lifts
  • Limiting your time in heels to a few hours
  • Keeping an extra pair of flats at your desk or in your purse

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