Back Pain Relief & Prevention

At Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, we know back pain is no laughing matter. However, you can often get back to normal with a few lifestyle changes and simple treatments. There are many natural methods for relieving back pain.

Sciatica Symptoms

The sciatic nerve is the nerve that runs from your low back, down through your hips and buttocks, and into your legs. People who have a herniated disk, compressed spine, or bone spur may experience sciatica—the pain associated with the sciatic nerve.

Lower Back Pain Treatments

If you live with lower back pain that has lasted for three or more months, you feel like there’s no end in sight. It can be exhausting and discouraging to face each day with discomfort and pain, but don’t lose hope! Although chronic pain isn’t going to disappear overnight, there are treatment options that can help ease your lower back and improve your quality of life.

Back Pain in the Office

For the millions of people across the world who work at desk jobs, sitting for long periods of time is part of their everyday life. However, if you’re accustomed to spending 8 or 9 hours a day in front of a computer screen, you may not realize just how detrimental it is to your health. Here’s what it can do:

Back Strengthening & Cost Savings

This study demonstrates that healthy normal individuals show a significant increase in lumbar extension strength when these muscles are effectively isolated and trained. The magnitude of strength gained over the 10 week period is much greater than strength increases found with the average muscle group within the same period

Spinal Manipulation for Chronic Neck Pain

For chronic neck pain, the use of strengthening exercise, whether in combination with spinal manipulation or in the form of a high technology, MedX program appears to be more beneficial to patients with chronic neck pain than the use of spinal manipulation alone. An additional finding was that 85% of the patients with chronic neck.

Pelvic Stabilization for Exercise

Pelvic stabilization is necessary to achieve optimal recruitment of the lumbar extensor muscles during dynamic extension exercises on a lumbar extension machine. Therefore, if the goal is to strengthen the muscles of the low back it is necessary to stabilized the pelvis with a clinically proven restraint system (found on MedX).

Reducing Back Pain for the Elderly

This study confirmed that many back pain sufferers have weaker lumbar extension strength and that some symptomatic geriatric women can increase strength with progressive resistance exercise, which leads to a decrease in low back pain.

Resistance Exercise & Bone Turnover

This research project consisted of full body resistance exercise training done exclusively on the MedX selectorized and medical exercise equipment. The data indicates that high intensity resistance exercise training is successful for improving Bone Mineral Density of the femoral neck in healthy elderly subjects.

Muscle Changes After Surgery

Back muscle injury was directly related to the muscle retraction time during surgery. The damage to the multifidus muscle was more severe and the recovery of extensor muscle strength was delayed in the long retraction time group. In addition, the incidence of postoperative low back pain was significantly higher in the long retraction time group.