Reduce Chronic Back Pain with Rehabilitation

The dorsal approach for surgeries to repair vertebral fractures causes damage patterns in the muscles that are caused by the surgery. This approach may disrupt normal function of the multifidi which can contribute to chronic pain and dysfunction. This supports the rationale for concerted spinal strengthening in such post-operative patients.

Strengthening for Low Back Pain

Isolated lumbar extension exercise with the pelvis stabilized using specialized equipment elicits the most favourable improvements in low back strength muscle cross sectional area and vertebral bone mineral density. Improvements occur independent of diagnosis are long lasting and appear to result in less re-reutilization of the health care system than other more passive treatments.

Effects of Exercise on Chronic Back Pain

Vigorous medical exercise therapy started 4 weeks after surgery for lumbar disc herniation, reduced disability, and pain after surgery. Because no differences in clinical end points were observed, there is hardly any danger associated with early and vigorous training after operation for disc herniation.

Exercise Preventing Spinal Surgery

Forty-six of the 60 participants completed the program. At an average of 16 months after completion 38 patients were available for follow-up while 8 patients could not be located or contacted. Of these 38 patients only 3 required surgery after completing the program.

Effective Back Rehab

If you’re anything like the millions of other men and women suffering from back pain, you may have tried exercises given to you by your doctor or therapist, and probably didn’t get any relief. Why is that? When multiple medical studies conclude exercise should help relieve your pain – why are you left still suffering?

HydroMassage® for Stress Management

Stress can cause a variety of aches and pains in your life. While there are techniques to lower your stress levels on a daily basis, one method for instant stress reduction is a massage. Along with decreasing your stress, a massage can help your body feel better physically, mentally, and psychology.