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While exercising is good for you, sports injuries are a common occurrence. Ranging from mild to severe, they include strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, concussions and other injuries and can be caused by acute trauma, including slips, falls.

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Common Sports Injuries in Calgary

Some common sports injuries include Achilles tendinitis, hamstring strain, concussion, contusions, jumper’s knee, rotator cuff tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, groin pull, ACL tear, tennis elbow / golfers elbow, shin splints, skier’s thumb, separated shoulder and turf toe. With soft tissue injuries, including everything except bone fractures, damaged blood vessels cause bleeding, and injured cells release chemicals that start an inflammatory reaction.

Inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, pain, heat, and loss of function. Bleeding in the tissues is stopped by the formation of blood clots, and special cells called fibroblasts begin the healing process by laying down scar tissue.

Inflammation is a response to injury and also the first step in the healing process but too much inflammation is not good either, as it causes more pain and hampers function, but can also promote the formation of excessive scar tissue.

Treating Inflammation with PRICE

Therefore, for most sports injuries the pneumonic PRICE (protect, rest, ice, compression, elevation) describes the appropriate initial treatment for musculoskeletal injuries to reduce pain and swelling.

Because one injury varies so much from another, treatment has to be customized for that particular injury in that particular patient.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Calgary

In general, most treatment protocols will begin with treatment in the acute stage, immediately after injury, aimed at reducing inflammation and pain and increasing range of motion (or bracing or casting in cases where tissue damage has caused excessive motion or fractures).

The rehabilitation stage aims to restore normal function and range of motion and rebuild strength lost following injury, and finally a sports specific phase where exercises are more relevant to return to play activities that restore balance and coordination as well as more specific strengthening and stretching.

Treatments that may be recommended alone, or in combination, include:

Sports Injury Treatments in Calgary

Strengthening is used to rebuild muscle weakened by injury or to increase the support of a joint that was injured. It is used to increase shoulder muscle strength following a shoulder dislocation, or to strengthen back muscles following a disc herniation. Strengthening also helps to prevent future recurrences.

At Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, we use the state-of-the-art Primus RS rehab machine, the Medx Medical Rehab machine, or the Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) to test you in a number of different ways including range of motion, strength, power, and speed. With Primus RS, we can help you quickly recover from your injury by focusing on the measured deficits found on testing, and by using the immediate feedback shown on the Primus RS computer screen you can immediately see your progress from one moment to the next and from session to session. For athletes, Primus RS will help you to increase your performance quicker, while simultaneously being able to measure and track your progress.


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Retired, Calgary

I had tried acupuncture and physiotherapy, and I had looked into most other treatments for my pain, before finding out about the DRX 9000. Basically, I haven’t had leg or back pain since the second decompression treatment. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Entrepreneur, Red Deer

I ended up with 2 herniated discs, L4 & L5, and hadn’t worked for three months. It was very debilitating. Within two weeks of starting DRX treatments, I was doing really well. I am really tickled with the results.

Business Owner, Calgary

Before I went to Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic, I had low back pain and severe sciatica pain shooting down my leg, all the way to my calf. I went in to see Dr. Oliphant, and signed up for treatment on the DRX program. Within the first two treatments, my pain was immediately reduced to 3/10. By the time I was done the full 20 treatments, my pain was down between 0.5/10 and 0/10, and has remained. Now I do all the athletic activities I did before, but now I don’t take any of them for granted!

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We at Alberta Back and Neck & Sports Injuries specialize in treating sports injuries. We begin by treating acute injuries, by reducing inflammation and pain. If you are interesed in appointment please contact us at (403) 234-0040 or

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