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Our Multi-Cervical Unit Neck Rehab Program

, MCU Neck Rehab Program

The BTE Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) is the most advanced computerized neck strength testing and rehab equipment available. The chiropractors at Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic are proud to bring Calgary residents this innovative equipment to combat their acute and chronic neck pain.

How Does MCU Rehab Help?
Medical Research shows that 75% of people with chronic neck pain, from any cause, will get significant relief of their pain simply by strengthening their neck with the Multi-Cervical Unit. When you have a neck injury, including disc herniation, degeneration, or arthritis, over time your neck muscles become ‘deconditioned’ or weaker because of the inability to move normally, protection mechanisms, muscle spasm, and more. This muscle weakness worsens the situation by creating poor biomechanics which in turn causes more pain and more muscle spasm and more weakness.

The MCU can gently rebuild your neck muscle strength, and in doing so, relieve your pain!

How Is Multi-Cervical Unit Rehab Equipment Different?
The Multi-Cervical Unit is effective because it tests your neck muscles in all directions with computerized testing equipment. This innovative equipment can tell what direction your neck muscles are at their weakest or if they’re even weak at all. By knowing what direction your muscles are weakest, then you know what exercises to perform. Other machines don’t have the kind of pinpoint accuracy MCU displays therefore you may be strengthening muscles that are already strong, increasing the imbalances and increasing your pain.

With the Multi-Cervical Unit, All the Guessing Is Eliminated!
Alberta Back and Neck Rehab & Sports Injuries Clinic’s chiropractors can accurately measure where you are weak, strengthen it, and re-measure to make sure you are back to normal levels for your age and sex. We make sure your muscle strength is balanced. Call today to set up an appointment to try our MCU Neck Rehab Program.