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Vicki Cala

Massage Therapist

Vicki’s interest in helping others achieve a pain free and balanced life stems from her training as a Certified Nutritional Consultant since 2011. Her passion for massage therapy is rooted in living an active lifestyle, and believing that each client has the capacity to enjoy a pain free life. She has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of patients, from children to athletes.


Vicki uses a combination of deep tissue, trigger point release, Dynamic Cupping and RAPID NeuroFascial Reset to provide an effective treatment plan for each client. RAPID NFR is a movement based technique designed to stimulate the nervous system and restore normal function. It can be booked as a stand alone 30 minute treatment or incorporated into a regular massage.


Outside of the clinic, Vicki enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and snowboarding. She is a 2200-hour Registered Massage Therapist, graduated from MH Vicars in Calgary, AB.

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