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Dr. Charles Masur

, Dr. Charles Masur
Medical Doctor (Prolotherapy)

After receiving his MD from the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine in 1979, Dr. Masur completed family medicine and community health sciences residencies there in 1981 and 1995 respectively. For nearly 30 years, he practiced family medicine in rural and urban settings in Alberta. During that time, Dr. Masur also served as a deputy provincial health consultant at Alberta Health and as assistant medical officer of health for the City of Calgary. Since 2006, Dr. Masur has limited his clinical practice to prolotherapy, which is the non-surgical treatment of joint pain and dysfunction due to ligament and/or tendon injury and/or degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.


Throughout his career, Dr. Masur has been active in international health and community development and has managed numerous community health and development projects around the world. He has served on volunteer missions in Central and South America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Russia. Along the way, he has published works in several fields, including clinical and laboratory medicine, public health, pharmacology and therapeutics, and strategic planning.

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